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David Batt

David Batt

David is Originally from Sydney, but has lived on the Gold Coast now for the past 14 years. David has embraced everything is means to be a Gold Coaster. He plays rugby for a local team and enjoys a healthy lifestyle.

David has completed a degree in International Relations majoring in Global Governance. David is a real estate professional and has various experience in the field of sales and marketing. David is extremely passionate about this opportunity, and he is ready to work with you and your family to find something that suits you! David is hard working and diligent in helping you get the best outcome you are aiming to achieve.


大卫完成了全球治理专业的国际关系学位。 大卫是一名房地产专业人士,在销售和营销领域拥有丰富的经验。大卫对这个机会非常热情,他准备与你和你的家人一起找到适合你的东西!大卫勤于工作,并会努力帮助你达成最佳成果。

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